This is a collection of projects that I am proud of.


rea is a Reverse-Engineering Api generator

## Usage

> rea -h
Usage of rea:
  -f string
        File to read from
  -o string
        File to output to (default "out.go")
  -p string
        Package name of generated file (default "main")
  -s string
        Name of struct to be generated (default "Object")
  -v    Verbose output?

## Examples

### Basic

curl '' | rea && cat out.go

### Advanced

rea -w '' -s User -p accounts -o user.go && cat user.go

### Appending

rea -w -o foo.go -s activity
ocm whoami | rea -o foo.go -s user
cat foo.go

## Installation

go install


osb is a personal Operating System Builder based on Gentoo

## Usage

Building and pushing is done with `make`.  If you want to rebuild everything,
simply run `sudo make`.  If you only want to build a specific stage (like
stage4), run `sudo make stage4`.  If you want a more specific target, run
`sudo make stage4-amd64-default-zfs`.  If you want to see all available
containers, run `make targets`.

## Targets

Installable targets are:

├── stage0
│   ├── portage
│   └── catalyst
├── stage1
│   └── stage1-amd64-default
├── stage2
│   └── stage2-amd64-default
├── stage3
│   └── stage3-amd64-default
└── stage4
    ├── stage4-amd64-default
    └── stage4-amd64-default-zfs

The default target is 'all'